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The Trend Analyst.

This is a personal portrait about Christopher Peterka. Between the years 2010-2013 D.O.P. Philip Schurr followed him on several trips throughout Europe and the US documenting his work. The result clearly shows that despite all technological innovations and future developments at the very core of innovation culture it´s still and foremost the people making the decisive differences.

With "digital transformation" projects underway in many organisations it has become quite popular to raise the issue of "the ethical side" of it.
Which makes us wonder: What about your organisation´s ethical side before the transformation, while and after? Is it all mainly fancy powerpoint slides and buzzwords or are people acting on your organisation´s belief? How about yourself? Is there a gap to close or how aligned are you with your moral compass? We believe that it´s rather smart to be really consequent on the small things than promising stuff that hardly anyone then lives by?
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