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The Trend Analyst.

This is a personal portrait about Christopher Peterka. Between the years 2010-2013 D.O.P. Philip Schurr followed him on several trips throughout Europe and the US documenting his work. The result clearly shows that despite all technological innovations and future developments at the very core of innovation culture it´s still and foremost the people making the decisive differences.

#defeated Australian philosopher Peter Singer knew early that even human rights are nothing more than a rather coincidental agreement of a majority on a narration worth buying into.
Yet we still watch in awe and shock how a different narration of "fake news" is drawing attention of more and more people despite all science and proof. Maybe it was a good idea to remember that that the art of storytelling isn't just a marketing discipline but political art that once ensured peace and understanding. Blaming "stupid populists" certainly hasn't gotten us anywhere smart yet.
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